bail bonds

Do you want to help someone get out of jail quick in Arapahoe County? Here are 3 Benefits of Using a Bail Bond Company in Arapahoe County to get out of jail quickly.

Affordable Bail Bonds

Bail can be paid by means of cash through a cash bond paid directly in Court. This can be really inconvenient and difficult when the sum required by the Court is around $ 20,000. Instead, paying a premium of 10 percent bail bonds service is much easier, more affordable and convenient. You only need to come up with $ 2,000 when you opt for a bail bond instead of paying the total amount of $20,000 for a cash bond. So, for a mere fraction of the sum required, you may easily help a friend or a loved one from spending more time in jail than necessary. $2,000 is a better bargain and is much more affordable than $ 20,000.

However, be wary of a bail bonding agent who provides “cheap bail bonds.” If the premium you pay is a lot lesser than the 10 percent of the total cash bond, be on the lookout and find another bail bondsman to help you out. The Colorado Division of Insurance regulates the minimum premium to 10 percent in Colorado. Bail Bonds follow these regulations so you won’t have problems with your bail.

24 Hours Bail Bonds Service

Another benefit of using a bail bond service in arapahoe is that there are bail bond companies which provide 24-hour bail bond service.

Statistics show that most crimes and felonies are committed at night. So matter what time of the day your friend needs your help to get him out of jail quick, you can count on a bail bonds company in Arapahoe County to help him out at any time.

A local bail bondsman in Arapahoe County can be relied upon to help any person immediately out of jail at any time of the day or night if needed. However, there are some felonies which require a Judge to set bail during working hours, so the arrested person may spend an evening or so in jail. He will be released through a bonds service immediately once the bail has been set.

Easy and Convenient

Not everyone is familiar with basic criminal procedure or even what is bail. Helping a friend or a loved one who has been incarcerated can be very stressful, confusing and time-consuming. By contacting a bail bonding company, you will get an agent who will do everything for you to help a loved one get out of jail as fast as possible.

Instead of doing all the leg work like visiting your friend in jail, obtaining a copy of the arrest and booking sheet, going to the Court which has jurisdiction in order to find out how much bail you need to pay, the Arapahoe bail bondsman from a reputable company will do this all for you.

PDQ Bail Bonds will always have a licensed and experienced agent ready to be of assistance. All you need to do is to pick up a phone, call our bail hotline, and provide our local bail bondsman with the important details such as your friend’s name where he has been held in detention. Let’s sit down and talk about your unique situation so that we can process your Arapahoe County bail bonds ASAP.