Finding a disposable chemical suit can be a tricky process. Chemical suits are personal protective equipment and making sure you choose the correct one can make all the difference when it comes to workplace safety. With so many suits on the market today it can be hard to choose the one that’s right for you to your needs.

Let’s take a look at the important factors to consider when choosing a chemical suit and how to find one once you have considered your needs.

How the Suit Fits

Chemical suits are protective equipment, but at the end of the day, they are also articles of clothing. Suits that are too baggy can cause workers to trip and knock over equipment. This can lead to potentially life-threatening situations. Suits that fit too tightly can become ripped and worn much faster than their counterparts. Look for a chemical suit that has enough room to move around in and at the same time isn’t so big that it looks like it will fall off.

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Make sure to take into account any additional factors that would determine the fit of the suit.  Things like working in tight spaces, requiring high mobility, and a lower level of potential danger could make a sleeker suit the best choice for you. If your workers are facing higher dangers or if they require internal breathing apparatuses, a more robust chemical suit would make a solid choice for your workplace.

Always make sure you will consider who will be wearing the suit and under what conditions.

Levels of Exposure

Different chemical suits are designed for different levels of exposure. The most basic chemical suits are designed for the lowest levels of exposure. These suits are designed to protect the body from mild irritation, clothing from being damaged, and the work area from being lightly contaminated. Suits on the higher level of containment are designed for much more dangerous conditions. The most robust suits are vapor sealed and contain their own internal breathing apparatus. These suits are designed for conditions that are extremely dangerous or sensitive.

Think about your workplace and the conditions you face on the job when picking out a chemical suit. The more sensitive or dangerous your environment, the more robust protection you will need from your suit.

Think About Your Needs

Each organization has its own needs when it comes to chemical suits.

Your organization might face hazardous situations on a daily basis. Disposable chemical suits can meet the demand caused by frequent use. If you are facing hazardous conditions infrequently, or on a one-time basis, disposable suits can be an economical solution for that condition as well. 

Take a moment to consider how the suits will be used. Consider whether your employees will need a high level of mobility, how much time they will have to take on and off the suits, and the type of tasks they will be doing while wearing the suits. All of these things will help determine which chemical suit is the best for your work conditions.

Finding the Right Disposable Chemical Suit



Finding a chemical suit is easier than ever. There are many resources for finding the right chemical suit for your needs such as this company’s online selection tool for a disposable chemical suit. 

Remember to keep in mind who will be wearing the suit, the level of Hazards they will be exposed to, and what type of work they will be doing and you’re sure to choose the correct chemical suit for your safety needs.​

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