Rack Shelving

Rack shelving systems are a major component in achieving optimal warehouse operations. However, to realize optimization and maximize floor space, you must organize the products efficiently through in the racking system.

Planning the Layout

Do not buy a rack shelving system on a whim and expect seamless operations as a result. A warehouse operator should seek the advice of a professional experienced in handling material and floor plan design. The shelving layout should consider the locations of receiving and shipping in relation to the staging areas. Based upon the accurate description of operations and product type, the professional can then determine the proper rack shelving system for the operations. It’s a process that requires careful planning.

Utilize the Vertical Space

Any warehouse operator must consider the full utilization of the vertical space before deciding on constructing an add-on to the facility, relocating the entire operation or even building a new distribution center. In the long-term, buying rack shelving systems is an investment with a shorter payback period than a full relocation. So, ensure the full and efficient use of the vertical space in your space.

Optimization of the Focus

A warehouse operator should always strive for efficiencies in labor and operations. Businesses will never attain optimization if the personnel’s actions in the handling and picking of products are inefficient. With the guidance of a rack professional, who understand which shelving, pallet racking, and mezzanine systems will best achieve the free flow of function and shipment. The focus of optimization will result in the greater organization of movement and, ultimately, a healthier bottom line.

Budget the Racking Shelving Project

One of the first things to consider when approaching the purchase of a rack system is the cost of reaching the desired end effect. It should never be about the lowest price or cutting corners. The operator should always consider the value of the best solution.

To achieve smooth operations and the desired results, be prepared to invest in the appropriate rack shelving system prescribed by the professional retained to design the layout. Warehouse optimization will never be achieved without an investment in a specialized rack system.

While rack shelving systems are an important piece in the optimization puzzle, the racks are not the only piece. Warehouse personnel need proper training, along with the full understanding of product demand and floor layout, all of which must meld with the rack design before your business reaches top efficiency in terms of storage.

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