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If you want to post bail for someone who has been arrested in Colorado, let’s start things off with a short story. You will learn a thing or two about which bail bond agency you should choose (or should not choose) in Colorado.

A story about what not to do when choosing a Bail Bond Agency in Colorado

Bail Bond Agency Broomfield in Colorado, Jim (not his real name) gets a frantic phone call from a friend on Friday at around 2 in the morning. Let’s call his friend Steve. Steve had been to a party and had too much to drink. He had no designated driver with him, so he drives home drunk and rams his Chevy on a fire hydrant. The Sheriff and his Deputy arrive on the scene, and he is arrested for driving under the influence and damage to public property. Now behind bars, Steve uses his one phone call, and he calls his best buddy Jim to help him post bail.

So a confused and bewildered Jim, eager to help his best buddy Steve, picks the first bail bond company he can find on the web, which stated: “super cheap bail bonds in Colorado get out of jail today!“. He seals a deal with the bail bondsman the following morning after paying a bargain basement cheap bail bond. Jim thinks he has done Steve a big favor. Wrong.

Four days later, an angry Steve calls up Jim. Steve’s girlfriend Linda broke off with him after he failed to go home almost 3 days after the party (she thought he went off with his ex, Jenny) and he had to spend 2 days and 8 hours behind bars since another more experienced bond agent had to travel all the way from the bail bond company’s Durango office just to bail him out. The one Jim spoke to was a new guy without a license or proper training.

Then to make matters worse, Steve had to pay an extra three grand since the “cheap bail bond” wasn’t that cheap. Apparently, Jim forgot to read the teeny weeny fine print before signing the bail bond contract. To top it all off, he was released and arraigned in Court on the same Monday morning he was bailed out of jail. What do we learn from this? Don’t be like Jim.

Here’s What You Should Do When Choosing a Bail Bond Agency in Colorado

Here’s what you should look for when you find yourself asking, “Which bail bonds agency should I choose in Colorado?

  • Choose a 24 Hour Bail Bond Service with a hotline that can help you at any time of the day, so the one you need to help doesn’t spend a minute or two or worse a day behind bars.
  • Select a bail bond company which has an office and bail bond agents in Broomfield, if that is where your friend has been arrested. If your friend has been arrested and detained in another county in Colorado, make doubly sure that they have an office in that area. Getting the services of a bail bonds company, no matter how good it is, from another county will increase the time your friend has to duffer in jail.
  • Be wary of “cheap bail bonds”. The standard fee or premium is 10 percent, which is why you will often see “10 percent bail bonds” when searching for bail bonds. Sometimes, the premium may be as high as 20 percent. If the premium offered is below ten percent, which is cheap, look elsewhere. You will get burned later on.
  • Speak with the bail bonds agent and ask him about his training and if he is licensed. Don’t be afraid or shy of asking anything you think is important. Where is his main office? How fast can he get to the detention center/jail to post bail for your friend? How fast can he get your friend out of jail?
  • Read and understand the fine print on the bail bonds contract before you sign anything.

For more tips on which bail bond agency you should choose in Colorado, visit PDQ Bail Bonds. We provide the best bail bond services when it comes to bail bonds Broomfield Colorado, as well as in other counties in Colorado.

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